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Wickham Avenue Ditch Cleared

by Mary Burstow on 17 January, 2015

  Many thanks to the Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee (JMC) for getting the Wickham Avenue ditch dug out. The work was carried out by RJ Dance( ) in November 2014, using a mini digger and has clearly made a vast improvment. Residents used to suffer from flooded back gardens, as the ditch filled with […]

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Wickham Avenue Ditch

by Mary Burstow on 28 October, 2014

Good news for the residents of Wickham Avenue! For a number of years the residents on the West side of Wickham Avenue have seen their back gardens flood at times of heavy rainfall.  This is because the ditch on the Nonsuch Woods side of their gardens has been allowed to fill in and is just […]

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Massive Tree comes down in Nonsuch

by Mary Burstow on 2 November, 2013

On Tuesday, I saw one more victim of St Judes Storm.  This enormous tree in Nonsuch Park had come down.  It is in the Nonsuch woodland, close to the NW Gate of Cheam Rec and Wickham Avenue.  As my daughter said “It must have made a very loud noise when it came down”

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Roadwoaks on Malden Road – Yippee!!

by Mary Burstow on 22 October, 2013

  Stretches of the Malden road are becoming steadily more full of Pot Holes.  I suspect this is in part because we are on the Spring Line (Where the chalk meets the clay) and it means that the ground is just prone to more subsidance.  I am very pleased that Sutton Council will be resurfacing it.  […]

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Flooding in Wickham Avenue

by Mary Burstow on 4 February, 2012

It was reported to me that properties in Wickham Avenue were suffering from very boggy gardens in the winter and sometimes even flooding.  This is from water coming from the woodland in Nonsuch Park. When I went to investigate the site, I at first thought the ditch on the Nonsuch side just needed digging out […]

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Dead Tree on London Road

by Mary Burstow on 2 February, 2012

At the beginning of December I reported a series of dead trees on the London Road.  My concern was, that should they come down, they would clearly be a hazard to traffic. My first problem was identifying who was responsible for the trees.  Transport for London to begin with were convinced it was either Nonsuch […]

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Dead Tree on London Road

by Mary Burstow on 3 December, 2011

I saw a whole series of rather dead looking trees along the London Road, between Wickham Avenue and Nonsuch Park.  I am told that they are Elm Trees.  As they all look rather rotten and could fall down into the path of passing traffic I reported them to Transport for London.  I am pleased to […]

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