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Cheam Fields Club Open Day

by Mary Burstow on 26 May, 2014

Cheam Fields Club are holding an open day on May 31st and 1st June.  The club is in South Cheam, by Sandy Lane, sandwiched between Devon Road and Meadowside Road.  I spent a very happy morning their recently taking it out on a tennis ball! “Cheam Fields Club is a private sports and social club, […]

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A visit to Cheam Fields Club

by Mary Burstow on 16 April, 2014

  Paul and I, joined the Mayor visiting Cheam Fields Club in Sandy Lane.  The Club are celebrating their 100th anniversary.  They are very proud that they have no shareholders. The members in effect are the owners.  The club is run entirely by volunteer members for the benefit of all members.  They have a thriving Bowls, Bridge […]

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Violets in South Cheam

by Mary Burstow on 14 March, 2014

One of the things I love about South Cheam at this time of year, is the number of Violets you spot growing in the verges and in peoples front gardens.  They are a delight to behold.  I was especially pleased to see the white violets in Cuddington Way.  I do wonder if someone planted them […]

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Walloped Sandy Lane sign

by Mary Burstow on 11 March, 2014

I spotted this poor road sign for Sandy Lane and have now reported it to the council. I must admit though, I am quite impressed the the drivers ability to hit the sign and miss the tree!!

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South Cheam Crime Update

by Mary Burstow on 8 January, 2014

–  A 21-year-old man has been charged with burglary in Sandy Lane on Monday, 30 December 2013. A learner driver whilst on a lesson, had observed the suspect making off and noted the VRM.  This resulted in the arrest of a white male from Surrey.  He appeared at Croydon Magistrates Court on Thursday, 2 January […]

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More Trees for Cheam

by Mary Burstow on 21 October, 2013

The London Borough of Sutton has been awarded a grant to help plant 395 trees.  31 of which will be planted in Cheam.  Sutton was among several councils in the capital to be awarded a grant from the RE:LEAF Mayor’s Street Tree Initiative. The scheme awards funds from the Mayor of London and is managed […]

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Burgalries in Cheam

by Mary Burstow on 12 October, 2013

Police are carrying out extra uniformed and plain clothes patrols in Cheam to catch burglars who have broken into five local properties over the last two weeks. A number of police teams from Sutton are taking part including officers from the Cheam Safer Neighbourhoods Team who have even given up their rest days to carry […]

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West Drive has new lines – Job Done!

by Mary Burstow on 18 July, 2013

A number of residents in West Drive had contacted me, regarding how faint the yellow lines were in West Drive.  I asked Sutton Council to add it to their annual maintenance programme and am pleased to report that they have now been done.

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Grant for Flood Alleviation in Sandy Lane

by Mary Burstow on 3 January, 2013

I am extremely pleased to see that Sutton Council has now received a grant of £30,000 from the Environment Agency for a study into flood alleviation at the bottom of Sandy Lane, near the Railway Bridge.  At times of heavy rainfall the road has sometimes had to be closed as the water pools at the […]

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Sandy Lane Pot Hole Fixed

by Mary Burstow on 11 November, 2011

I am very pleased to see that the Pot Hole I reported to the Council in Sandy Lane, was fixed within a matter of days.

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