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Poor Road Surface on Cheam Road

by Mary Burstow on 20 April, 2013

I am very pleased to see that TFL are taking action, after a Utility Company left part of Cheam Road, in a dreadful condition. It is only four months ago that Cheam Road was resurfaced.  A month later a Utility Company dug up part of it, outside number 160 and clearly thought they could put […]

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More Potholes

by Mary Burstow on 27 March, 2013

The dreadful weather conditions mean that Pot Holes have been popping up throughout all of Cheam.  The Pot Holes in Malden Road have already been reported, but they are getting bigger.  I have re reported them and sent photos, emphasising the importance of getting them fixed.  As they are on a main road, they get […]

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What happened to Nonsuch Walk?

by Mary Burstow on 20 March, 2013

I have been contacted by residents in Nonsuch Walk, who are deeply unhappy with how the road was left by Transport for London. In February TFL resurfaced the Ewell Road and it looks beautiful! Unfortunately they parked all their heavy equipment in Nonsuch Walk over the three week period.  Nonsuch Walk is a very minor […]

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Pot Holes in Malden Road

by Mary Burstow on 15 March, 2013

The Malden Road, especially the stretch from Prince of Wales Pub to Chatsworth Road is suffering from a fresh outbreak of Pot Holes. Whilst undoubtably heavy traffic from the Mickleham Gardens building site will not  help matters, I suspect the real culprit is more geological.  The Spring line, where the London Clay meets the North […]

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Potholes and St Helier Hospital

by Mary Burstow on 6 February, 2013

As a Councillor, I am always on the look out for Potholes to report at this time of year, as the officers at Denmark Road will fully attest!! So when I saw a massive one, outside the Main Entrance of St Helier Hospital, I suffered a severe bout of professional pride.  I do not approve […]

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Pot Holes in West Drive

by Mary Burstow on 30 January, 2013

Whilst up in West Drive, taking the photograph for the previous article, I saw an outbreak of Pot Holes, between 1 – 9 West Drive.  They have now all been reported to the council and I hope to see them filled in soon. I have just had an update on the potholes.  Council officers visited […]

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Pot Holes in Queens Acre

by Mary Burstow on 7 November, 2012

Rain, Fog, Frost and Cold mornings = Pot Hole season! The Poor winter weather always means an increase in the number of potholes, as water falling into road cracks is frozen over night, swells, melts in the morning and makes the cracks larger.  It is not long before what was just as small crack in the […]

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Proof that Surrey Roads are dreadful!

by Mary Burstow on 12 September, 2012

  Stephen Cooksey, the Liberal Democrat Environment and Transportation Spokesperson on Surrey County Council, has raised concerns over newly published figures that show Conservative-run Surrey County Council pays out far more in claims for cars damaged on the county’s roads than any other council. Figures published by breakdown firm Britannia Rescue show that in the […]

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Pot Holes in Park Road

by Mary Burstow on 25 June, 2012

I was contacted by a constituent regarding the pot holes in Park Road.  She is quite right they are dreadful!  It turns out that the contractor had “forgotten” to repair them, when they were originally reported 3 months ago.  They are now on the urgent repair list to get fixed and I confidently (famous last […]

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Pot Hole in Park Road

by Mary Burstow on 21 March, 2012

This Pot Hole in Park Road has been getting steadily worse, so I have reported it to Sutton council.  To be honest I do not know if it is on Council land or private land.  But as there is a double yellow line there, I am going to presume it is council land.  I will let […]

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