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Dangerous tunnel at Cheam Railway Station

by Mary Burstow on 19 December, 2014

The tunnel connecting the Northern and Southern platforms of Cheam Railway station, is one wet, muddy, slippery accident just waiting to happen. As you walk through it, you are greeted with pools of muddy water on a smooth surface.  If you are lucky, there is a warning cone near the puddle.  This is just not […]

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Stiches Haberdashery

by Mary Burstow on 15 November, 2014

  Sarah Orrun manages Stitches Haberdashery.  It is a quiet haven just moments from the bustle of Cheam Village.   She prides herself on the personable service and warm welcome which she extends to her customers.   The shop has been open for nearly 4 months, and already in that time has welcomed many local […]

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Armistice Day

by Mary Burstow on 11 November, 2013

Today is Armistice Day, when the nation will mark the moment the guns fell silent on the Western Front in 1918.  The 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month.  Wherever you are do take time to pause for reflection not only for those who fell in the past, but in tribute to those […]

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Cheam Station Car Park

by Mary Burstow on 10 September, 2013

I am very pleased to see that there is now a height barrier installed into Cheam Station Car Park.  The barrier makes it much harder for Travellers to abuse the car park.

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Cheam Post Office Staff Commended

by Mary Burstow on 8 July, 2013

The prompt actions of staff at the Post Office in Upper Mulgrave Road , Cheam, helped to save an elderly female customer £360 after she had been called at home by a man demanding payment for work he said he had carried out on her gutters. The customer, aged about 80, called in to the Post […]

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More Double Yellow Lines, near Cheam Station

by Mary Burstow on 18 January, 2013

   Residents of Carisbrooke, Frobisher and Stephenson Courts in Station Approach, Cheam have long complained of vehicles being parked in the Station Approach entrance spur to the above blocks. This road is the only means of access into these 80 flats and it is narrow and winding. Vehicles parked inconsiderately regularly obstruct the access for […]

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Unwanted BT Phone Boxes

by Mary Burstow on 3 November, 2011

My fellow councillor colleague, Richard Clifton and Paul Burstow MP attended a meeting yesterday with some senior BT staff to discuss the sighting of BT boxes. It emerges that BT are under a statutory obligation to at least consult both local residents and the local authority.  BT consider that they discharge their obligation to consult the local […]

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Parking Problem at Champneys Close

by Mary Burstow on 28 October, 2011

Champneys Close is a lovely little cul de sac, off  Upper Mulgrave Road.  Unfortunately it is being abused by thoughtless drivers, who park their car all day.  It makes it very difficult for the property owners to access their own driveways.  Even more worryingly residents have had problems getting an ambulance into the cul de […]

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Pot Holes in Mulgrave Road

by Mary Burstow on 26 October, 2011

The Council Officers must love me!  When I am out and about on my bike, it makes it much easier to spot pot holes, take a photograph and report them.  These two are in Mulgrave Road, close to Cheam Railway Station.  They have now been reported, so hopefully will soon be filled in.

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