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Dumped cones along St Dunstans Hill

by Mary Burstow on 6 September, 2014

I don’t mind admitting to hating litter along the verge of the A217, St Dunstans Hill in Sutton.  Much of it is  from people just walking along and chucking stuff on the ground – especially beer cans.  However Transport for London  really made me see red in July. About three months ago, TfL did some […]

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Theft from a van in Matlock Crescent

by Mary Burstow on 12 June, 2014

Police have received a report of £3,000 to £4,000 worth of work tools being stolen from a van parked in Matlock Crescent overnight 10-11 June after the driver’s window had been smashed. If you have any information that can help the police please contact us on the number below or Sutton Police station on 101.  Take steps […]

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Picking up Litter along St Dunstans Hill

by Mary Burstow on 5 December, 2013

Whenever I walk up and down St Dunstans Hill, I see litter along the embankment.  It is especially bad between Matlock Place and Church Hill road.  It is the responsibility of Transport for London to pick it up, but whenever I chase, the response appears to be, “Never today, always tomorrow”.  So far as I […]

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Potholes in Matlock Place

by Mary Burstow on 5 December, 2013

Whilst I was out picking up litter, I spotted these two potholes in Matlock Place.   I have now reported them to the council and they will be fixed in the next two weeks.

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Litter along St Dunstans Hill

by Mary Burstow on 10 October, 2013

I am increasingly irritated with Transport for London and their attitude to the A217.  It is particularly bad along the stretch North of Church Hill road, near Matlock Gardens and Matlock Place.  TFL are responsible for keeping the grass verges litter free, yet they appear to think that if they just go and pick up the […]

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Thank You Transport for London

by Mary Burstow on 21 November, 2012

  Last month, I wrote to Transport for London, complaining about the poor state of the concrete posts along St Dunstans Hill.  Some had clearly rotten and needed replacing.  I was very pleased to see the men from TFL hard at work this week replacing them.  Many thanks.

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Tree Planting along St Dunstans Hill

by Mary Burstow on 22 October, 2012

Normally I am having a rather good moan, in my blog about Transport for London.  But not this time.  I saw them today out tree planting along the embankments of the A217.  The men told me that they were doing it along the stretch from the Lumley Road junction down to Abbots road on both sides. […]

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Fencing along St Dunstans Hill

by Mary Burstow on 21 October, 2012

The wire fencing along the western side of  St Dunstans Hill, South of Church hill Road is in a poor state of repair. I have contacted Transport for London and asked them to inspect the fencing, replacing the rotten concrete posts.

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Grafitti in Matlock Gardens

by Mary Burstow on 4 May, 2011

Vandals appear to have struck in Matlock Gardens.  I have reported the Grafitti to the council and am hoping we can soon get it removed.

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Litter Cleared Away from St Dunstans Hill

by Mary Burstow on 8 April, 2011

I first reported to the council over two months ago, the flytipping at the bottom of the embankment, close to Church Hill Road and St Dunstans Hill.  Amongst the problems we had to overcome, were “Who owned the land?” and  “Was it Transport for London or London Borough of Sutton of Sutton who was responsible […]

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