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Abandonded Water Tank in Manor Road

by Mary Burstow on 8 April, 2014

A resident reported this water tank, which had been dumped in Manor Road.  I asked Sutton Council to remove it and hopefully it will be gone by the end of the day.  Many thanks Sutton Council.

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Work on the Manor Road Basin is complete

by Mary Burstow on 17 February, 2014

I am very pleased that at last work on the Manor Road Basin by Transport for London has now finished. The concrete basin was built in the 1930’s and was designed to hold run off water from the A217.  In recent years it has become more of a rubbish dump, that a basin to hold […]

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Just what is happening in Manor Road?

by Mary Burstow on 22 November, 2013

  For a long time, the concrete basin at the junction of Manor Road, Arundel Road and the A217 has looked dreadful.  It was a magnet for fly tipping and litter, especially thoughtless dog walkers who threw their dog poo bags into the basin.  In the summer anti social individuals liked to gather in the […]

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Manor Road being resurfaced

by Mary Burstow on 19 September, 2013

I am so pleased to see that Manor Road is at last being resurfaced.  In recent years is has become increasingly pot holed and uneven.  Thank you Sutton Council.

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Burglary in Manor Road – Urgent appeal for information

by Mary Burstow on 23 October, 2012

I have just received notification of another burglary that took place yesterday (Monday 22nd October). This latest burglary took place on Monday afternoon between 12.15 and 15.30, probably nearer to 15.30, on Manor Road, at the Arundel Road end   Entry was made by smashing a window on the ground floor.  A number of items were taken including two […]

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Pot Holes in Mulgrave Road

by Mary Burstow on 26 October, 2011

The Council Officers must love me!  When I am out and about on my bike, it makes it much easier to spot pot holes, take a photograph and report them.  These two are in Mulgrave Road, close to Cheam Railway Station.  They have now been reported, so hopefully will soon be filled in.

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Pot Holes in Manor Road

by Mary Burstow on 19 October, 2011

The weather forcast on Wednesday is for a sudden drop in temperature and the arrival of frost.   This means that small pot holes, will soon become large pot holes.  This is because the action of water in the potholes freezes overnight, expanding in the cracks and making the pot holes larger. I spotted these pot […]

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