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Century House in Cheam to become Flats

by Mary Burstow on 17 December, 2014

Anyone driving past Century House in Cheam, will see it is now covered in scaffolding.  The plan is to turn the exisiting offices into flats. This will consist of 27 apartments including 7 x 1 bed, 15 x 2 bed and 5 x 3 bed units.  I don’t blame the developer, the building is close […]

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Free Parking in Cheam this weekend

by Mary Burstow on 11 December, 2014

There will be Free Parking in Cheam Library Car Park and Kingsway Road Car Park this weekend. Car park charges across Sutton are being dropped on three weekends in the run up to Christmas. It will be free to park in eight council car parks in Wallington, Carshalton and Cheam on the weekends of 14 […]

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Cheam Christmas Evening is happening

by Mary Burstow on 20 September, 2014

You know autumn is really here, when you start thinking about Cheam Christmas Evening. This will be on Friday 5th December. Station Way will be closed from the Cheam Village Crossroads to Kingsway road, between 5:00 and 9:00pm The Fairground has been booked. We are all set.  

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Anne Boleyns Walk road sign – sorted

by Mary Burstow on 22 March, 2014

I spotted restricted area parking zone sign, facing into a residents property in Anne Boleyns Walk, which made no sense.  Sutton Council have now come out and turned the sign around.  Thank you to the Highways Dept for acting so promptly

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Offices into Flats in Cheam Village

by Mary Burstow on 3 March, 2014

I am rather sad to see this block of offices in Cheam Village is about to be turned into flats.  They are proposing  to provide 27 apartments including 7 x 1 bed, 15 x 2 bed and 5 x 3 bed units.  I don’t blame the developer, the building is close to Cheam Railway station, […]

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Overflowing Recycing Bins at Kingsway Road Car Park

by Mary Burstow on 31 December, 2013

A constituent reported to me the dreadful state of the recycling bins at the Kingsway Road Car Park.  To be honest it looks rather more like lots of Flytipping than just over enthusiastic Christmas recycling. I have reported the state of the bins to the Council, so hopefully it will get cleared up quickly, before […]

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