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I am very pleased that at the Area Committee,  it was agreed to introduce “No Parking At Any Time” Double Yellow lines, at the junctions of Fieldsend Road, Fromondes Road, Kingsdown Road and Stoughton Avenue.  Cars are a little prone to parking at these junctions, which can cause problems with sightlines, especially when pulling out. […]

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Poor Lumley Road

by Mary Burstow on 15 February, 2012

British Telecom are up to their tricks again.  On Sunday I walked along there and saw that the pavement had been dug up, in order to connect it to a cable and all the parking spaces in the road had been “pinched” by BT, so that they could dump their rubble.  How thoughtful!  One resident told me […]

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Green Boxes from British Telecom – Boo!!

by Mary Burstow on 31 January, 2012

I am very angry that British Telecom have the temerity to put in a third green box in Fieldsend Road, because they can! Sadly they do not need planning permission to put in green boxes.  They just inform the council, if they feel like it.  As British Telecom very thoughtfully like to cluster their boxes, […]

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Fieldsend Road – Job Done

by Mary Burstow on 29 December, 2011

I have walked past the sign in Fieldsend road countless times and each time thought something really should be done, but then never done anything about it.  The sign itself is fine, but on the back it suffers from some rotten wood and truely viscous rusty nails sticking out.  If a toddler should trip and […]

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