McDonalds in North Cheam 24 hour Drive Through

by Mary Burstow on 4 April, 2018

Sutton Councils licensing committee have agreed to grant McDonalds a license to serve hot food, from a Drive Through, between the hours of 1am – 5am.

Nonsuch Ward Councillor, Cllr Sam Boune said:

“I am very disappointed that the decision went this way, despite the points made well by residents. The fact that McDonalds paid for such esteemed legal representation meant that they took our objection seriously and were prepared to fight their corner. I am proud residents were prepared to take the fight to them and stand up to such a multi-national company very used to getting their own way and taking residents for granted.”

However it is worth noting one of the conditions, the committee stipulated on the license

“3. During the licensable hours, at least 6 staff members will be working at the premises, as agreed with the Metropolitan Police.”

Somehow I don’t think they really need 6 staff for a Drive Through, when the restaurant is closed. All of which means it won’t be cheap for MacDonalds to offer his service.

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