Lessons to be learnt over Waste Collection

by Mary Burstow on 6 October, 2017

A report on the Council’s new waste and recycling contract with Veolia, including recommendations for improvements, has been agreed by Sutton councillors this week.
The Council’s all-party Scrutiny Committee has been looking over the past few months into issues with the new waste collection and recycling services affecting Sutton residents. The Council switched to a new service provider, Veolia, in April.
The Scrutiny Committee report agreed by councillors at its meeting on 4 October makes several recommendations to improve the service to residents, as well as ensure that future new council contracts learn from the experience of the new four-borough waste contract as it is rolled out across Kingston, Merton and Croydon. This was one of the biggest changes the Council has undertaken in recent years, both in terms of the extent of change and complexity of the contract with three other boroughs so it is important that we learn lessons and share them with our partners.
Chair of the Environment & Neighbourhoods Committee, Councillor Jill Whitehead, said:
“We welcome this report and all the work of the Scrutiny Committee members looking into the issues around the new waste contract.  I would encourage everyone to read it.
“As Chair of the Committee responsible for waste and recycling services in Sutton, I will be asking the committee members to consider all the recommendations at our next meeting in November and agree how the Council should make them happen.
“It is clear that the implementation phase of the contract should have gone much better and we will be looking hard at what lessons can be learnt for the future while also making the new waste and recycling services even better for all our residents.
“The key objectives of the new contract were to increase recycling and save money in the face of Government cuts. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of our residents over the past few months, Sutton has already become one of the top recycling boroughs in London – and the new service is set to save £10.3 million. Now the challenge is to ensure that those few Sutton homes that still aren’t receiving a regular and efficient waste collection service are sorted out very soon.
“This Scrutiny report will help the Council learn some valuable lessons and Veolia are as determined as we are to ensure that all our residents receive just as good a service as they did when Sutton Council ran the service.”
 Copy of the report can be read here

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  1. Emma says:

    The new scheme does not work in flats. We comply but are communal bins are often left as neighbours have put non recycle items in bins. In the summer we had hundreds of flies by our entrance and bins full of maggots. Not nice!!

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