Speach to Full Council, on the work in Nonsuch Park

by Mary Burstow on 20 July, 2015

On Monday, I did a speach to Full Council, of the work in Nonsuch Park by Nonsuch Voles and Future Woodlands.

Nonsuch Voles Woodland

I feel very proud of what Nonsuch Park has done, as it’s contibution to creating a more sustainable Sutton.
Nonsuch Park is jointly owned and managed by Sutton and Epsom Councils.
Much of the park is made up of Decidious woodland,  which until 4 years ago was unmanaged.
Now volunteers “The Nonsuch Voles”  have started copicing the woodland.   Thinning it out and allowing plants and wildlife to thrive.
Boat Shed Nonsuch Park
The wood is milled on site by Future Woodlands.
Ash is sold for firewood and furniture.
Sycamore is turned into chopping blocks and used furniture.
None native Turkish oak and cypress pine are felled and turned into garden furniture and fencing.
All is sold on site to local residents.
Walk through the park and you can see benches, fencing and bridges which have Ben made for the park by Future Woodlands.
  • Bringing old park buildings back into use
  • Creating local jobs
  • Working with local volunteers
  • Selling goods to local people
  • Managing parkland
  • Copicing woodland
What could be more sustainable?
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