Congratulations to Trevor Lenthall

by Mary Burstow on 20 October, 2012

You may remember how I did a blog about Trevor who does bicycle repair was nominated as an EDF Energy Green Champion for his work promoting cycling.  The results of the EDF Competition  have now been announced. 

Trevor told me “Just a quick update – I came 4th. The Brighton community centre project took the lead at a late stage, but it’s a great project – he’s going to re-roof his very leaky green community centre – so I’m quite pleased!

Everyone who took part was given £1,500 as a thank you, so we’ve got that to work on to try and get this bike recycling idea up and running. I really do think the ideal location would be one of the units in North Cheam, but somehow need to find a way to cover one year’s overheads, just to give this a go….”

Many thanks to everyone who voted for Trevor.  I have sugested he speak to Cllr Adrian Davey to discuss funding from the local area committee to help support his plan.

Trevor has just finished repairing my families bikes and done a very good job.  Best of all he picked them up from our house and delivered them back again.  If you want to use Trevor, he can be contacted at:  or 01737 370 411

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