Tree Planting in Cheam Recreation Ground

by Mary Burstow on 3 December, 2011

I have just come back from an amazing morning.  We had over 60 trees to plant in Cheam Recreation Ground.  Leaflets had been delivered, offers of help given, but I was still not too sure how many people would come.

When I arrived Ben Morris, the Boroughs Arbicultural Officer had set out the trees and holes had been dug and infilled with compost.  All we had to do was dig out the compost, plant the tree and stake it.  Easy.

And then people started to come.  It really was like the film “Field of Dreams”.  Family groups came and offered to plant the trees.  Children came, some only two years old.  My fellow Ward Councillor Jonathan Pritchard came down to lend a hand.  Everybody did their bit.  I remember looking up from planting a tree and suddenly realising that the job had almost been done.

We now have a beautiful avenue of Hornbeams running down from the gate into Nonsuch Park and a large copse of trees near the swings.  Trees include Willow near the boggy ground, Silver Birch and Field Maples.

A special thank you to Ben Morris for doing an amazing job organising it, Elevation Learning, who donated some of the trees and the West Sutton Little League, who sent lots of people across to help.

The best thing about it all is that for those taking part, they can visit the trees they helped plant and can say “I planted that tree.”

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